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Ripley Improv perform hour long narratives that tell a story start to finish. They are all improvised!

Our primary genres are:

Dystopia- Take a journey on through a young adult dystopia story! Inspire the teenage girl inside of yourself!

GLAM- Based on the Netflix show, Glow, GLAM tells one episode of a story with the same characters each week. What happens? It all starts with your suggestion!

Want us to perform another genre? Just let us know! Ripley is also a great addition to your work retreat, reception, party, just about any gathering you can think of! Available for both performances and workshop, Ripley women do it all!


Trust is Enough (2 hours)
Suitable for all levels

As soon as the lights come up on stage, the story is there, waiting to be told. Before any words are spoken, we have a stage picture, emotion, character movement, posture, and environment. That’s enough. The show’s adventure is already happening in the room, in your mind’s eye, and in the eyes of the audience. All that’s required is connection to your fellow improvisers and connection to the offers that are on stage. Take a breath. Trust that you have enough. This workshop will focus on helping you learn to “unpack” the first offers, and to trust that you have enough information to tell a great story, simply by listening to your fellow improvisors, and taking in their body language and nuances.

Improv for Playwrights (2-3 hours)

Suitable for playwrights of all levels

Ever want to write a play using improv? Laurie Jones and the ladies of Ripley Improv take you through improv exercises that will help with character development, increasing stakes, and bringing text to life. You’ll work with dialogue and physical theatre through techniques that incorporate viewpoints, games, and emotional connections.