FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, LOS ANGELES, CA, November 1st, 2017 Los Feliz, CA – GLAM, aka The Gorgeous Ladies of Arm Matches, opens this Friday, November 3rd and kicks of their limited three show run at Impro Studio Theatre in the heart of Los Feliz.

In an almost complete 180 from their last show, DYSTOPIA, the women of Ripley Improv have managed to put another hit under their belts (all puns intended) with GLAM. Inspired by the hit Netflix series, GLOW, and the real 1980s all-female wrestling show of the same name, GLAM delivers glitzy nostalgia, professional wrestling flair, and binge-worthy storytelling!

Entertainment enthusiasts are sure to find something that will keep them coming back for more, if not just to see what entirely improvised story the Ripley ensemble with create next time “What’s exciting about GLAM,” says director Laurie Jones, “is that we are really able to dig deep into female relationships in one moment and personify the most ridiculous wrestling personas in another.” Based off audience suggestions, the ensemble of Ripley Improv launches into a show that will strive to bring to life the very real lives of these female wrestlers on and off stage, marrying wrestling and improv for a show born in entertainment heaven.

Audiences have said of Ripley Improv, “inspiring women, putting on a show, with no plan except to give the audience a good time. I highly recommend it!” and “these kick-ass ladies joyfully use their ‘hive-mind’ powers to weave smart, funny, and sometimes poignant tales.”

Tickets are only $5 and the show can run anywhere between 50 to 55 minutes.

Ripley performs regularly at the Impro Studio Theatre in Los Feliz on Vermont Ave. Just last year, they performed in the Hollywood Improv Festival, they headlined an evening at Improvised Play Festival in Austin, Texas, and they received an Encore Award and a Best Ensemble nomination for the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Ripley Improv is Madi Goff (Groundlings Sunday Company Member & Impro Theatre Main Company Member), Laurie Jones (Creator of The Wishbone Collective), Kelly Lohman (Gilmore Girls, The Society), Sara Mountjoy-Pepka (D&D: The Improvised Campaign, Co-Creator of The Improvised Generation), Aliza Pearl (New Girl, Shield of Tomorrow on Geek & Sundry), Amanda Troop (Wilfred, Creator of Dystopia, Voice Over Actress), and Jessica Lynn Verdi (RPG Personality on HyperRPG, Co-Creator of X-Files: Unclassified).

GLAM is directed by Laurie Jones and co-directed by Jessica Lynn Verdi.


Fridays at 10:30pm
11/3, 11/10, and 12/1

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Instagram @ripley_improv
Facebook @ripleyimprov

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Impro Studio Theatre
1727 N Vermont Ave #208
Los Angeles, CA 90027